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What is the forging flange

Dec 16, 2016

Playing on the blue holes, bolt the flanges abut. Forged flange with gasket seal. Forged flanged pipes (flanged pipe fittings) which are forging flange (flange or disk access) fittings. It can be formed by the cast (n/a), it may be threaded or welded. Flange connection (flange,joint) consists of a pair of flanges, several bolts and a gasket nut. Gasket placed between the two flange sealing surface, tighten the nuts, gasket pressure reaches a certain value on the surface deformation, and filled up on the sealing surface uneven, joining close not leak.

Flange connection is a detachable joints. According to the mating parts can be divided into the container flange and the flange. By structural type, with integral flanges, flanged and threaded flanges. Overall falanyouping of common welding flange and the flange. Flat welding less rigid forged flanges, apply pressure p ≤ 4MPa; welding neck flanges, also known high-neck flanges, rigidity, suitable for high pressure and temperature.

Forged flange sealing surface types there are three types: flat sealing surface, suitable for high pressure, medium-toxic; embossing seal, suitable for high pressure situations; sealing surface of tongue and Groove, suitable for inflammable, explosive and toxic media and high pressure situations. Spacer is a plastic deformation, and rings made of material with a certain intensity.