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Three pass standard explanation

Mar 26, 2018

Three commonly used stainless steel standard: GB three, American Standard three, British standard three, and other three kinds of non-standard high pressure three, in the corresponding standard flange, the Ministry of electric power standard GD0506~0507 pressure vessel supporting tube: JB/T4700~4707-2000 implementation of national standards (GB/T9112-2000), the standard of machinery (JB81-59, JB/T74-94), petrochemical the standard of the Ministry, the Ministry of chemical industry (SH3406-96) standards (HG5010-58, HG20592-97) and a series of related standards. The export forged steel flange is in accordance with the ASTM. A105 standard of the United States.

Three - way type classification: the product has three teeth in external teeth, three through inner teeth, three for different diameter, three through welding, three through inside and outside thread.

Three commonly used material: stainless steel three (304304L, 316316L, with 3173212025) alloy steel three carbon steel three steel No. 20 q234 Q345 etc.