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The flange

Jun 18, 2019

The flange

Definition: pipe flanges, gaskets and fasteners are collectively referred to as flange joints. Flange joint is one of the most widely used parts in engineering design. It is an essential part of piping design, pipe fittings and valves, and also an essential component of equipment and equipment parts (such as manhole, liquid level meter, etc.). In addition, other professions such as industrial furnace, thermal engineering, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, automatic control, also often use flange joint.

Material: forged steel, WCB carbon steel, stainless steel, 316L, 316, 304L, 304, 321, chromium-molybdenum steel, chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel, molybdenum dis-titanium, rubber lining, fluorine lining material.

Varieties: plain welding flange, neck flange, butt welding flange, ring connection flange, socket flange and blind plate, etc.

Executive standard: GB series (national standard), JB series (machinery department), HG series (chemical industry department), ASME B16.5 (American standard), BS4504 (British standard), DIN (German standard), JIS (Japanese standard).