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The difference between pipe flanges flanges with the device

Dec 16, 2016

Device flange the device on the device housing cylinder head connection flange or equipment. Device flange can use HG20592~HG20634 steel pipe flanges and vessel flanges can also be chosen.

The container flange JB4701~JB4703 flange, JB/T4721 pipe side flanges, flange, containers, floating head flange flange flange for the device.

Specifically on the device: take over the flange, manhole flange, flange, loading and unloading, squared, endoscopy BA Zi blind flanges, flange, and so on.

Steel pipe flanges: weld flanges, flat welding flange, with neck flange, blind flanges, pine set of flange on the pipe. But also on the device. Flanges for the device, generally lower pressure, equipment DN ≤ 400 used cylinder for seamless steel tubes.