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Slotted advantages

Dec 16, 2016

Slotted use advantages:

Effective rate of 99% 1, sand, causing overhaul by 80%.

2, oil sand barriers to improve the strength, integrity and stability, in order to achieve a sand control, multiple rounds of steam injection production conditions.

3 and governance stops Jing, full pipe joints with high strength, good sand, the advantages of simple structure, can avoid the winding tube "FLOSS".

Laser-slotted screen is the ideal products replacing metal wire wrapped screen. An ordinary metal wire wrapped screen prone to "FLOSS", causing quality of completion and sand control effect reduction or failure, which caused major repair job. Pipe, the laser sewn slotted solve these drawbacks.

Laser machining characteristics:

Output power stability

Good perpendicular to the cutting edge

No inertia beam high-speed cutting

Uniform width seamless end bore

Minimum spot diameter is 0.18mm