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Introduction to petroleum slotted

Dec 16, 2016

Slotted oil is the oil screen of a production process and products, main parameters of slotted screen material, wall thickness, diameter, slotted the number of joint specifications and length of the screen. Slotted main machine laser cutting equipment. Slotted casing is the material mainly, basic materials with the casing as the slotted. So how to choose the right oil casing, purchase link slotted manufacturers are most concerned about the process. Slotted arrangement there are parallel seam sewn cross, cross stitch and group three forms. Good perpendicular to the cutting edge, cutting edge is smooth, Burr-free, cutting evenly. Slotted over the whole embalmed in the dense protective layer formed on the surface of the screen improves corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the screen, which can effectively extend the life of the underground work.