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How to choose three way with different diameter

May 04, 2018

In general, the local principle of different diameter three links can also be used in a combination of ordinary three and variable diameter, but it is very wasteful and not necessary. At this time, we choose three different paths, three through the three channels, such as the upper and lower pipe of the riser, and the horizontal branch de75, which is the three of the different diameter and three of the diameter. The general principle is the same as this, if all the de110 is equal to the same diameter, we should use it when we use the actual situation when we use the different diameter three - way.

The three - way 25*20*25 of different diameter means the inner diameter of three interfaces. The unit is inch and =25.4 millimeter. In general, we should know what pipe fittings to use when we choose the three way of different diameter. We need to know the construction specification and actual construction experience. For example, for drainage pipes, we will not use three different diameters, even if the branch pipe is smaller than the supervisor, it can only be changed by filling the core.