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Flange of partial plugging method how to implement?

Dec 16, 2016

Mount fixture, leaks and on both sides of the bezel, preventing injecting sealant from a local seal overflow. Bezel bolts based on the inserted bolts, upper Groove Embedded fixture with clamp bolts, bottom has been reached on convex flange and gaskets, the width of flange clearance. Adjust the gap, according to "method" injected sealant and eliminate leaks.

2. local fixtures: fixtures section for convex, plus packing Groove on both sides, inject sealant compact packing. Fixture width cover flange on the outer circle, circumference of the fixture should at least cover leaks a small fan-shaped on each side (the space between the two bolts). Clamp fixing ring on the flange bolt bolt, each sector shall not be less than 1 injection holes. According to "method" injected sealant and eliminate leaks.