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Flange classification name

Feb 05, 2018

A. slip-on flange flange should be flange welded pipe is inserted into the inner ring.

B. welding flange welding neck flange belt neck, a smooth transition section, and pipe for welding joint flange.

C. socket welding flange socket welding flange with socket and pipe for socket joint flange.

The D. threaded flange threaded flange (screwed flange) has a thread with a flange connecting the pipe to the thread.

E. flanged flange lapped joint flange (loose flange) live sleeves on the pipe with flanged short or welding ring combined flange.

F. special flange special flange non circular flanges, such as rhombus flanges, square flanges, etc.

The g. different diameter flange reducing flange is connected with the standard flange, but the nominal diameter of the nozzle is less than the nominal diameter of the standard flange.

H. full flat flange flat face flange seal face and the whole flange face the same plane flange.

The I. convex surface flange raised face flange seal face is slightly higher out of the flange of the whole flange.

J. tenon and groove face flange tongue and groove face flanges a pair of flanges with a dense cover, a tenon, a slot with the tenon.

The seal face of the K. ring flange ring joint face flanges flange is a ladder type ring groove.

L. flange cover blank flange (blind flange) is connected to the end flange of the pipe to seal a pipe with a bolt hole.