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Application status of laser cutting oil pipe

Dec 16, 2016

Oil drilling operations, the screen is a kind of equipment, early completions or oil sand is often used. At present, using more wire wrapped screen is the screen. Manufacturing method of this screen are: uniform distribution in the surrounding screen or perforated metal liners of wrapping a certain section of wire and welded on in prison and leave some gaps as a sieve. Although this manufacturing method in domestic has was many manufacturers using, but this screen in Xia well Shi exists some problem, especially in crush through big slope well or level well of bent paragraph Shi, inevitable to to and wall or casing occurred collision, and extrusion and friction, easy appeared mess silk phenomenon, caused screen damaged or gap deformation, led finished well quality and anti-sand effect reduced or failure, for around silk screen of this a disadvantages, tube, and sewing one of cut sewing screen appeared has. Due to the superior performance of slotted pipes and low price, it appears highly valued by major oil fields and has been widely used. Visible, slotted pipes appear as horizontal and lateral drilling of development and high-reservoir oil to provide the material conditions.