WN Flange Weld Neck Flange For Pipe Connection-Sinhoo Pipeline

Our weld neck flanges feature high strength,good toughness,and high reistance to corrosion,high pressure and temperature.The raw materials of them come into carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel,low temperature steel and high performance steel.Also,we can provide customized flanges according to customers'requirements.

Product Details

      A weld neck flange (WN flange) means a flange has a neck for weld with the pipe, it is easily to recognized by their long tapered neck on the flange (The neck is also called hub in the weld neck flange). The tapered neck can supply a high strength reinforcement to support flange and pipe. It means the weld neck flange is suitable to used in high pressure and extremely temperature situation. 

      Flange factory of Cangzhou Sinhoo Pipeline has 20 years professional experiences in the steel flanges production, our weld neck flanges have following advantages:

       The weld neck flange is suitable to used for high pressure, high temperature, low temperature situation because of the butt welding connection method.

The weld neck flange has a good excellent stress distribution by its tapered neck .

The butt welding joint can be inspected easily ,for example the radiography testing. 

Those advantages make the weld neck flange of Cangzhou Sinhoo Pipeline widely used in industry application. 

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