Chinese Suppliers Weld Neck Slip-on Plate Steel Pipe RTJ RJ Flange

All flanges, discussed on this website fall under the ASME en ASTM standards, unless otherwise indicated. ASME B16.5 describes dimensions, dimensional tolerances etc. and ASTM the different material qualities.

Product Details

          Flange is the part connected between shaft and shaft, it is used for the connection of the pipes, and also the flanges can be used on the entrance and exit of the machine for the connection of two machines, such as the reduction gears flange. Flange connection means the sealing structure of detachable connection which consist by flange, gasket and bolt. Pipe flange means the flanges used in the pipeline, and the inlet and outlet flange means the flanges used on the machine. 

          There are holes on the flange and the bolt fasten two flanges together. There are gasket between two flanges. The flanges can be divided into threaded flange, welded flange, and clamp flange. The flanges are used in double, for low pressure, threaded flanges are used, and for the pressure larger than 4KG, welded flanges are used. Different thickness flanges used in different pressure, and also different bolt. 

         Pipe flanges are manufactured in all the different materials like stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, plastic etc. but the most used material is forged carbon steel and have machined surfaces.

A pipe flange connects piping and components in a piping system by use of bolted connections and gaskets. Most commonly used flanges are weld neck flange, slip on flange, blind flange, socket weld flange, threaded flange and lap joint flange (RTJ Flange). This type of connection in a pipe flange allows for ease of disassembly and separation for repair and regular maintenance. Most common specification for carbon steel and stainless steel flange is ANSI B16.5 / ASME B16.5.

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