Carbon Steel Slip On Flange Class 150 ANSI B 16.5

ANSI B16.5 SLIP ON flanges.Made from quality carbon steel.Size from 1/2'' to 72''.

Product Details


Neck flat welding flange full name neck flat welding steel pipe flange, is the steel pipe, pipe fittings, etc. into the flange through the fillet weld and equipment or pipe connection flange.Picture as below:

SO 01

Manufacturing Technique:Forged

Material:Carbon steel,stainless steel and alloy steel etc.

Standard:ANSI B16.5

Function:The Slip-On flange with neck is the same as the flat welding flange of plate type. It is the flange that extends the steel pipe, pipe fittings and so on into the flange and connects the equipment or pipeline through the fillet weld.

Sealing Form:RF,RTJ,FF



When welding with neck flat welding flange, only one side welding is not required to weld the inner mouth of the pipe and flange connection. Welding installation of butt welding flange requires flange double-sided welding, so neck flat welding flange is generally used for low and medium pressure pipelines.Neck flat welding flange in the production and use of a certain technical requirements and technical parameters, according to a certain way and method of production and processing.The steel plate with neck flat welding flange for flange production should be ultrasonic flaw detection, nondestructive testing to ensure good quality and performance problems, according to certain quality requirements after production and inspection, to ensure that the production and use of steel plate without quality problems.The flat welding flange with neck should be cut into strips along the rolling direction of steel and welded into a circular ring by bending and forming the cylindrical shape of the ring on the surface of steel. When producing the flat welding flange with neck, the steel plate shall not be directly machined into the flat welding flange with neck. The flat welding flange with neck shall be made and processed by certain technology

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