BS 4504 Plate Flange PN 2.5 DN900 Material BS 1501 Grade 360

Plate Flanges, which are of wide variety, are manufactured mainly from plates. They are conforming to national & international standards and they are hubless. Plate flanges are produced from quality mill plates. Before cutting pieces out of plates, each plate is checked for serious laminations.

Product Details

       We offer a range of steel plate flanges such as steel slip-on flanges, blinds flanges, raised face flanges and back-ups flanges, in international standards like AWWA, DIN, BS, JIS, Czech, and Australian. Plate Flanges are available in sizes from 1/2" to 60" in Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel. Carbon Steel Plate Flanges are supplied with Anti-Rust coating of Oil, Clear Lacquer, and Black Japan. Carbon Steel Plate Flanges can also be supplied in Hot Dip Galvanized form.

      Our Plate Flanges are developed from quality carbon & stainless steel and are available in distinct sizes ranging from 1/2" to 60".

      Plate flange is also named plain flange, flat flange and slip on flange etc. A plate flange is a flat, circular disk that is welded onto the end of a pipe and allows it to be bolted to another pipe. Typically used in fuel and water pipelines, the two plate flanges will be bolted together with a gasket in between them. The plate flange will have bolt holes all around the perimeter and will be used to create junctions, tees and joints.

      When building a pipeline, the length of the pipes used are not always known. By manufacturing the pipe separate from the plate flange, the welders can cut the pipe to length and weld a plate flange in place to join the pipes at any needed length. The plates can also be welded to the pipe on a slight bias, allowing two pipes to be joined that may not be precisely lined up.

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