BS 4504 Plate Flange For Welding PN 6 DN100 For Gas And Oil

Plate flanges are most often used to connect parts of pipelines and in highways. This is due primarily to the fact that the flat flange is easy to use, and has such properties as cheapness and the ability to manufacture from different steel grades.

Product Details

      Plate flange is a piece of steel in the form of a ring, which has holes for fastening the flange to the elements of the pipeline with bolts or studs. The steel flange is put on the pipe and welded to the joints with it, after which another flange is welded to the flange through a special gasket by means of fastening, welded to another pipe, pipeline element or instrument.  

      The ASME B16.5 Plate Flange also referred to as a plain flange is a flat circular disk which has an inner bore along with bolt holes on it. In addition to this, the Plate Flange is known as a flat flange.

      Since the inner hole of the Flange Plate tends to be a little bigger in comparison to the outer diameter of a  pipe, the steel plate flanges could be easily slipped over the pipe. These stainless steel grade ansi plate flanges can be secured to the pipe by using a fillet weld at the bottom as well as the top of flanges with the pipes.

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