BS 4504 Plate Flange For Welding PN 2.5 DN650 With Raw Material

Plate flange is a piece of steel in the form of a ring, which has holes for fastening the flange to the elements of the pipeline with bolts or studs. The steel flange is put on the pipe and welded to the joints with it, after which another flange is welded to the flange through a special gasket by means of fastening.

Product Details

         As the welding method used on these flanges is a fillet weld one, therefore these ANSI B16.5 Plate Flanges are not well suited for those applications which involve high pressure. An advantage offered by Stainless Steel Plates Flange is that they are generally resistant to corrosion across several media. However, the grade of stainless steel used in the manufacture of the Backing Plate Flanges will vary, depending upon the requirement of the application.

         Stainless Steel Plate Flanges are the flat and circular disks, which are welded onto the endings of the steel pipes and enable the bolting with another pipes. Specifically utilized in water and fuel pipelines, provided plates can be bolted collectively with the utilization of gaskets in between them. Used to make joints, junctions and tees, these are also known as flat flanges, ring flanges, plate slips etc, and look similar to the flat circular disk featured with inner bores as well as bolt holes. 

        Made by the quality mill plates, these are virtually free of non-metallic inclusions, voids and several other defects. The flanges slip over the pipes and the inner openings of these are little bigger in comparison with the outer diameters of pipe. These are secured to the pipes employing the fillet welds at the bottom as well as the top of flanges. 

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