BS 4504 Hubbed Slip-on For Welding PN 40 DN 350 OEM Service Supply

Slip On Flanges are preferred by some contractors, over the Weld-neck, because of the lower initial cost. However, this may be offset by the added cost of the two fillet welds required for proper installation.

Product Details

         Slip On flanges or SO flanges are commonly lower in price than weld-neck flanges, and to this effect are a popular choice for our customers.

         It is welded both inside and out to provide suffcient strength and prevent leakage.

         Slip-on flanges are all bored slightly larger than the O.D. of the pipe. They are preferred over welding neck flanges bu many users due to their lower intial cost, but final intallation cost is probably not much less than that of the welding neck flange because of the additional welding involved.


Low cost installation

Less time needed to spent on ensuring the accuracy of the cut pipe

They are somewhat easier to align

The slip-on flanges have low hub because the pipe slips into the flange before welding

The flange is welded both inside and outside to provide sufficient strength

They prevent leakage

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