ASME B16.5 Class 150 BL Flange DN450 Material A 182 Gr.F321

he blind flange is so named due to the lack of a bore: it is a solid flange. It is used to close off the ends of piping systems and pressure vessel openings. As such it can be used in an existing operation flow, or for future expansion requirements.

Product Details

       Blind flanges are commonly used in petrochemical, pipe engineering, public services and water works.

       A blind flange is useful for making repairs to a pipeline further up the line. In fact, during construction of a pipeline, a blind flange may be built into the final length of pipe. This allows for expansion or continuation of the pipeline simply by adding onto the final flange.

What Do Blind Flanges Do?

      Without a blind flange, it would be next to impossible to repair or perform ongoing maintenance to a pipeline unless the flow was shut off at a earlier valve, which could affect miles of pipeline.

      The use of flanged pipe has significantly sped up the process for constructing pipelines. It has also made the task of repair and sectional replacement easier. Sections of pipe can now be assembled anywhere in the world and shipped to the job site. Once there, they can simply be bolted in place and the repair is done.    

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