ASME B16.47 Large Flanges 30 Inch WNF Class 600 A105 Series A

If the flange is ordered, the supplier want to know the material quality. For example ASTM A105 is a forged carbon steel flange, while A182 is a forged stainless steel flange.

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       FULL FACE FLANGES: In a bolted joint using ANSI full face (or flat face) flanges it must be remembered that the same bolts used in the corresponding raised face joint are now being asked to seal 3 to 4 times the gasket area with full face flanges. It is almost impossible to create an effective seal and high strength bolts should be considered.

        Flanged pipes and pipe connection between parts, used for connections between pipe ends; also used in flange on the import and export of equipment, used for the connection between the two devices, such as reducer flange. Flanged connection or blank flange, refers to flanges, gasket and bolts connected as a combination of the three sealing detachable connections. Pipe flange means plumbing piping flanges, used on a device means the device inlet and outlet flange. Holes on flange, bolt the two flanges abut. Flange with gasket seal. Flange screw connection (screw connection) welding of flanges, flange and clamp flanges. Flanges are used in pairs, low pressure pipe you can use wire flange, four kg of pressure welding flange. Between the two flanges with gaskets and bolt. Pressure flange thickness, they use bolts are different. 

        Pumps and valves, and piping connections, equipment parts, also made corresponding flange shape, also known as a flanged connection. Usually around two planes use bolts enclosed attached parts, generally referred to as "flange", such as the ventilation pipe connection, such parts can be referred to as "parts such as flange. But this connection is only part of a device, such as flange connections and pumps, well pumps called flange part.Smaller valves, etc, can be called flange part.

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