ANSI B16.5 Forged Steel Slip On Flange150# Raised Face

These flanges are available in all of our stainless steel and chrome-moly grades, from ½” to 36” and beyond, class 150 to 2500. We also stock large diameter LDS Slip-On flanges in A105N, and can supply all sizes of LDS Slip-Ons and AWWA C207 Slip-Ons – with or without a hub – with longer lead times.

Product Details

        They also are slightly easier to cut pipe to the proper length for. They can be used for high temperature and pressure applications but are not generally recommended as compared to other types of flanges. ASME B16.5 Code limits their usage in the 1500#-2500# (lbs.) weight classes. The three most common types of facings that We carries for slip-on flanges are raised face (most common), flat face, and ring type joint (RTJ). We offers these flanges in stainless and alloy material. 

      Slip-On Flanges are probably the most common type of flanges in the industry and are ideal for lower pressure applications. You do not have to specify the pipe schedule when using slip-on flanges due to the fact that its inside diameter is determined by the outside diameter of the pipe. This outside diameter of the pipe does not change for the different schedules. This often makes these easier to stock for vendors. Fabricators also like the fact that these flanges are slightly easier to align than weld neck flanges. 


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